Best Way PCD Pharma Company Can Reach More Doctors

how pcd pharma company reach doctors

How PCD Pharma Company Can Reach More Doctors?

Pharmaceutical companies are making best use of the new marketing techniques to try and reach more and more doctors. Also in the pharmaceutical sector, recent changes have been introduced where PCD pharma companies can market their products to physicians.

The free samples are distributed by pharma companies to physicians. But according to industry this method is impractical for marketing. Billions of free samples are distributed annually, which is just a waste of money.

Traditional Ways

Physicians value free samples and are willing to meet the sales representatives to get them. Due to free drug samples, Physicians are encouraged to prescribe new, expensive medications even though they have choice of prescribing inexpensive brand drugs. As soon as the patient starts the medication prescribed by the physicians they continue to pay for the costly, new drug.

Also, gifts such as travel expenses, meals, books and speaking fees were used as a traditional ways of marketing medications. Some of the state governments have taken measures and banned all types of gifts to physicians. Some of the pharmaceutical companies develop working relationship with the thought leaders who then influence the doctors through their professional status.

Modern Tactics

Physicians are the early adopters of mobile technology, beginning with the beepers and pagers, then PDAs, smartphones, tablet PCs and other handheld devices that facilitated doctors to make patient records and reference material portable.

Healthcare being a mobile profession now, physicians have become dependent on these devices. Therefore, innovative electronic devices and apps seem a good market for pharma companies. Also, social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites provide online platform to pharma companies for organizing events to collaborate with physicians.

In pharmaceutical sector, healthcare portals are getting popular. Using this technology, doctors and patients are both connected online which eliminates the need of frequent visits. This saves time of both the doctors as well as patients because the portal even assists doctors to prescribe medicines online. These portals have established a network for online and mobile healthcare professionals. For healthcare professionals, these portals serve pharma clients through mobile and online clinical resources.


These days the traditional ways have disappeared, most doctors and patients are showing interest towards new technology. Even pharma companies are using advanced tools to market their products and this has resulted in bringing better medical aid to patients. Also with new technology, pcd pharma companies are engaged with doctors online.

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