Why Pharma Franchise is the Spine of Indian Pharmaceutical Market?

Pharma Franchise is the Spine of Indian Pharmaceutical Market

Top Reasons Pharma Franchise are the Backbone of Indian Pharmaceutical Market

A franchise is an authorization company which is granted by a particular well established organization or the government allowing them to deal with specific commercial activities. Such commercial or business activities comprise of being acting like an agent or marketer or are one of the sales representatives for products of an explicit group or company.

Pharma franchise is a permission approved by a pharmaceutical company to an individual, distributor, or a specialized group that assists them to deal with proprietary products, use brand names as well as utilize the trademarks for continuing their commercial activities provided as a monopoly right.

The PCD and pharma franchise is the spine of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Within just few years, it has become one of the trendy selling techniques for pharma companies.

Reasons why Pharma Franchise is considered as the spine

  • Overcoming the monopoly of big pharma companies

Big pharma companies have sufficient resources and control to beat any competition in the pharmaceutical market. However the start-ups do not possess these types of resources, and so it has turned tough to cope with the high competition related with the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

However, the franchise conception model allows these small as well as medium-sized pharma companies to face these massive pharmaceutical enterprises by having franchisee with a healthier relationship with the local medical experts.

  • Create sound opportunities for start-ups to do extremely well

The industry traces revenue of around $50 billion with over 48% of the income coming from just the retail pharma sector. The pharmaceutical market is extremely uneven with 600,000+ retail supply chains. The numbers of supply chains possessing retail suppliers that have multiplied four times within the past 28 to 30 years. When it comes to large-scale market, the Indian pharmaceutical sector holds around 1.5% to 2% of overall market share, and it has been on the rise at a swift rate of 10% recorded annually.

In such a cut-throat Indian pharmaceutical marketplace, the entrance of new pharmaceutical companies is not easy. The new pharmaceutical companies are facing problems to create a proper distribution business and to build their brand name in this highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. However, with pharma franchise it is much easier to cross the threshold in the pharmaceutical market.


It implies that with the development of this strong pharma franchise concept, the feeble small and medium sized companies or the pharmacies can now stand steadily against the big pharma companies.

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