How Pharma Marketers Take Advantage Of Pokémon Go Trend?

Pokémon Go Trend in Pharma Sector

Pokémon Go Trend: Do you know what the latest buzz in the world is? Well, it is the game- Pokémon Go!  The game is not just attracting kids or teenagers, but a lot of people are going mad behind it. But, one more interesting thing about this game is that it has provided an opportunity to various sorts of companies to promote their business in a very enticing way. Companies are wasting no time to cash in the rising popularity of this massively popular game.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that the Pharma industry is also looking forward to utilize the potential of this game’s popularity. Wondering how?

Take Advantage Of Pokémon Go Trend

  • The marketers of Pharma industry are taking loads of benefits from the game. They are actually using location as a way to promote their business, and this is definitely proving to be successful. Like we know, in this game a user has to get to the location where he or she can achieve the goal. So, the PCD Pharma companies are using the same concept by attaching locations with their business point.
  • However, it is also true that the marketing agencies of Pharma sector are struggling hard to come out with tricks to help their clients with the new buzz of the game world. Till date, the marketers have managed to attract about 15 million users from the physical world to the Pokémon world. It is not at all a surprising fact, now as to why Pharma marketers are capitalizing with Pokémon Go Trend.
  • However, there are some troubles being faced by the Pharma industries due to the location factor. However, the game creators are helping them by sponsoring locations; however, these can help the marketers of Pharma sector who have their own retail outlets.
  • In addition to this, it has also been said by the spokesperson of Pokémon that they shall offer some opportunities related to awareness and researchers by coming up with races for cancer, walkathons for diseases, and so on and create specific locations relate to the game.

The marketers of Indian Pharma sector are working hard to increase the popularity and are coming up with interesting advertising projects. There is another opportunity through which the marketers are making use of location experience and mobiles, but it seems to be limited. It is very obvious that with the passage of time, the concept of virtual reality would get more advanced and better, with lesser flaws. So, in the future to come, Pokémon Go and other such sorts of games will surely prove to be an excellent tool of marketing for the Pharma as well as other companies.

This new concept is also proving to be highly useful for the customers as well. Without searching much about the locations of the nearby retail outlets of drugs, with this new game they can easily achieve their task, without even feeling tired or bored. Hence, it would be interesting to say how the game will prove to be a game changer for the PCD Pharma companies in India as well as other countries in the world.